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By: Rico Nuñez | June 16, 2014

Within the last several years, there has been an increase of violence and tragic killings within the U.S. Public School systems among K-12 and College/University environments. For a detailed list of school shooting by decade and century, please click the Wikipedia link.

As a concerned parent, I often think about ways that a public and/or private education facility can protect our children from becoming a victim to these ever increasing and tragic tendencies among young adults and children. There are many factors beyond our immediate control as parents, such as the upbringing and moral standards of others, the policy and laws of a country, state or municipality. Some additional factors include the cultural and social influence of public medi...

By: James Rhoades | May 29, 2014

Should I tint my home or business' windows myself or hire a professional? As a window tinting professional with 30 + years experience, I often get asked this 
question from  people I meet,  friends, and prospective customers. 

I often respond to these do-it-yourself (DIY) questions based on the following  
  • What if you hurt yourself doing the job? Can you afford the medical costs and loss of income doing this?  Is the risk of this tedious endeavor worth any potential loss of health or income? 
  • What if I mess it up, do I have a recovery point?
  • Will my marriage mate or significant other, boss, or property owner always remind me of this project and possibly doing a bad job?  
  • Do I have the tools to do the job right? Are there tools that I can obtain at the local home improvement store adequate for the required tasks?  
  • Am I using the right or best materials for the job? Are the materials available at my home improvement local store the best choice for this project?  
To help the person further, I often suggest the following general guidelines or 
decision grid :  
Window Tinting  
Do it Yourself (DIY)  
Hiring a Professional  
Save labor costs but takes 
a long time  
Labor costs involved but 
done a lot faster  
You carry all the risks  
Should have general 
liability insurance   
Quality of products 
questionable and minimal 
Quality products used 
and manufacturer 
warranties provided  
Many mistakes possibly
made and high redo of 
work and material costs 
increases. Quality 
workmanship may suffer 
as a result. Tint bubbling
effect after several years
Done right the first time 
and warranty of labor 
and materials provided
Bubbling of window film 
less likely to occur for 
many years
Property Value  
Might decrease a home or
property's value due to lack of 
quality workmanship  
Increase of home or
property’s value with
warranties on labor 
and product
These are several questions and talking points that can help you decide which way 
to go with either doing a window home tint project yourself or seeking professional help.

Advanced Window Films can provide you a free estimate and help your decision with regards to  doing a home or residential window tinting project on your own or hiring a professional. Advanced Window Films primarily services the Las Cruces, El Paso, Southern New Mexico, and West Texas areas for their window tinting solutions.

By: James Rhoades | May 29, 2014

We typically like to ask specific questions to property or homeowners to find out what are their problem areas and recommended solutions.   


For example, do you ever notice  at a particular time of the day,  one part of the house or property seems to be hotter than another part?  The reason why window film was invented way back in 1966  was to help block out unwanted heat from the sun. 

How do you know if you have too&...

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